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Dumbbells are sometimes found in lockers, and have 3 set locations in the world. While powerful weapons, they are very slow.


Zone Salvageable Location
Sacramento Suburbs Never/Rarely Multiple in park north of spawn
Never/Rarely In a house north of spawn full of weights.
Mazon College Sometimes There are two in the basketball court (north side of map): one on a shelf along the north west wall, and another on the shelf along the south east wall (hidden until you get close).
Sometimes The second in in the northern most house on the east side of the map; it's in the south western most room (same room with the hamster from the daily mini quest).
Often [Secret Passage] In the first room of the store secret passage, it's under the first table to the right of the entrance.
Sunset Mall Sometimes In the gym to the west of spawn (4th storefront down), on a shelf in the north corner of the room.


  • The dumbbell used to have a recipe at the assembling table during beta, but was removed. The recipe was: 9Scrap metal3Tools2Precious ore