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Downtown Santa Rosa, or just Santa Rosa, is a map you originally go to for a quest in order to find Jay Cramberg, and then again to help Jared Crane with putting his family to rest.

The zone is a good source of Screens, medical supplies, and houses (with common household items such as ones found in fridges, bathrooms, etc).

In this map there are 4 parts of the food storage building. They can be found into the burned house, on the railroad, in the fortified mansion, and at the extreme south of the map, close to the "perfume" school.

Secret passages[]

  • Graveyard - This area is over a bridge in the north west most area of the map. The crate is found on the north east most area of the graveyard. If you need Tools, there are 3 shovels in the area, which give 2 each.
  • Willy Wheel Car Dealership - Found on the east most side of the map, almost directly east from the spawn (although you'll have to walk around many obstacles).
  • The Interesting Company - From spawn head north onto the wooden path and follow it east until it becomes a fancy stone path; follow this north east until it ends into a building then go into the east room and exit out the north door. The crate is inside the building in the north room.

Food storage blueprint[]

Food storage (damaged).png

The blueprints found here will unlock the food storage (see page for locations).

Side missions[]

Sylvia Bluth.png

Sylvia Bluth

Reward: Experience.png 1200, Reputation.png 3 Rep
Sylvia Bluth location.png
Location: From the start, go north and turn east onto the wooden path, following it until it ends, and continue east until you hit a wall, then head north until you see an east path connecting to a small parking lot.
Objective: Find 3 Antibiotic icon.png antibiotics

Go to the building to the south east (and the surrounding area) and search for 3 antibiotics (it can also be dropped by medical infecteds). Return them to Sylvia.


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