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For the old removed infected, see dog infected.
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The dog (also known as doggo[1]) is a companion released on 12 April 2018 (V1.28), although not fully integrated until V1.41.

After unlocking the doghouse, the dog will be able to save the player from a sure death once every 4 hours (after the One foot in the grave symptom.png one foot in the grave symptom is on the player for the first time, or essentially when dying a second time before resting at a campfire). The four hour timer counts down even when offline, so if you're worried about not having the dog's protection you can close the game until it would be active again. The dog will automatically revive the player when the player would otherwise have an actual death (where you'd be sent immediately back to camp). This happens without warning, and independent of the player's choice. The dog will save the player under the following circumstances:

  • When being knocked out twice without changing maps
  • When gaining One foot in the grave symptom.png one foot in the grave from obtaining threat level 5, and then being knocked out (known to rarely not work)
  • When any of the above two conditions occurs during an adventure


You first learn about the dog in the "New kinds of ally" quest (and learn his name is Pouch). After this quest, you must become friends with Sylvie Dawson (by earning 250 points with her). This can be done by, once a day, finding her dog in various zones and completing their task. Each task will earn you 35 points, thus requiring at least 10 days to complete.

After getting 250 points, return to Sacramento Suburbs and talk to Sylvie Dawson. A new quest will unlock. After this quest, you have to become friends with the dog (by earning 700 points).

After the 700 quest, you then have to earn 1050 points, to unlock the Doghouse.


After befriending Sylvie Dawson, you can begin gaining renown with the dog to unlock it as a companion.

Renown Level Rewards
1/3 2/3 3/3
150 Reputation.png 300 Reputation.png