The doctor infected inflicts toxic status. Often found nearby nurse infecteds, sometimes also with antibacterian infecteds.


  • Sacramento Suburbs - In the building where Emmett asks to go, the «Delta-9 military laboratory».
  • Downtown Santa Rosa:
    • In the pharmacy and surrounding area south of Sylvia Bluth and west of the car dealer secret passage.
    • In the «Santa Rosa Veterinary Hospital», following north by the spawn campfire, near the graveyard and the Community Center.
    • In the «Santa Rosa Community Health Center», along the northwest area of the map near the graveyard and the Veterinary Hospital.
  • Sunset Mall - In the west most corner of the mall, at a pharmacy by the «Grey Alley».
  • Walker River - In the building where Jenny Holden can be found, the «Meterological Center», at the parking lot and surrounding areas.
  • Arizona Jurassic Museum - In the «Excavation site».
  • Highway 99 - Following north from the broken fence, at the prison hospital named with «In the sick, who are a little dead».
  • Blue Mesa - In the facility, on «Floor-03», «Floor-17» and surrounding areas.
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