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Halloween 2020 event! 1 October 2020
The Dead Maze holiday event is here! Collect pumpkin coins and earn prizes. Including new title "Undead".

Halloween 2018 event! 25 October 2018
The first ever Dead Maze holiday event is here! Collect pumpkin coins and earn prizes.
Dog released! 12 April 2018
A new quest has been added to be able to get a dog companion to help you fight infected!
Clothing dye and new side quest NPC in Walker River 9 March 2018
You can now rarely collect clothing dye while salvaging items in your backpack! Only a limited set of clothing can currently be colored, but you can start collecting dyes right away! And Walker River finally has - not one - but three new side quests! Make sure to check them out for rewards.
Released! 13 Feb 2018
Dead Maze has been released! You can play on it's site or on Steam!

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