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For small repeatable quests, see side mission.

Every day you have 3 daily missions (or daily challenges) you can complete for extra rewards. You can check your daily challenges by clicking the star icon on the top left. If you don't finish a challenge in a day, it will stay until you do; if you don't like the challenge, you may change one once per day.

A new mission will appear ? hours after you finished the last one.

Note: encase you forget to collect the reward, the new one will appear as soon as you collect it if the necessary time has elapsed.

Mission types[]

Note that for ones label "[Zone]" that the action must be performed on a specific zone to count.


After completing a challenge, you will be given the option to choose from 3 rewards, which can include:

You can turn in a mission by talking to any shop NPC in Lakeview, or by clicking the challenge in your menu. If you don't have enough room in your backpack for all the items you earned, the remaining will appear in a loot bag in your camp.