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Currencies in the game can be found a variety of ways, and each have different sets of items they are used to buy.

The two normal currencies both have a cap, and once you pass this you cannot earn any more until you spend them. However you can surpass the cap. If you had under the limit of and then earned enough to get you over the cap.



Can be earned from leveling up, side quests, daily challenges, and sometimes from secret passages and Peruvian infected drops. Can be used to buy clothing and purchase things in most shops from Lakeview. You can also create a tribe with 100 reputation.

Cap: 2000

Survivor marks[]

Survivor mark.png

Can be earned from high level daily challenges, sometimes from secret passages and Peruvian infected drops, and as a potential level up reward option, also adventures. Is used to buy items from Lakeview, though only a handful.

Cap: 200



Fraise is the premium currency of the game, and can be used across all Atelier 801 products (that use premium currencies).

Currently it's only use is to buy clothing / character modifications.

No cap.

Holiday currencies[]

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