Dead Maze Wiki

In Dead Maze, you can control the character you play as. Note that for the controls to work, the chat must not be highlighted (the cursor in it). You can also do special actions by entering chat commands into the chat box.

Key Description Notes
or D Move left Control your character's movement.
or A Move right
or W Move Up
or S Move Down
1-8 Skill Quick Select Will select the corresponding active skill on your skill bar (5-8 will activate your weapon's / survivor equipment skill, if it has one).
Shift + 1-6 Item Quick Select Will wield the item in the corresponding slot on your item bar (not the items hidden in your backpack).
F Emoticons Open up a UI for selecting emotes/emoticons.
Spacebar Run / Sprint / Dodge If you are not near an infected, you will start running; this will deplete your stamina bar as your run. Hitting spacebar again will go back to walking. If you are close to / fighting an infected, spacebar will have you sprint in the direction you are moving (this requires some stamina, and has a cooldown between uses). If not moving while being attacked, pressing space will have you dodge back in the opposite direction you last moved.
Left Click Interact / Combo Attack
  • Passive - Lets you interact with items in a zone, as well as interact with NPCs.
  • Fighting - If fighting and you have the correct amount of stamina for your weapon (indicated by a while line on your stamina bar) you will active your weapon's combo attack. Note that you don't need to click what you're fighting, anywhere on the map will do.
Right Click Defend / Parry Must be holding a weapon; if an infected hits you while in this stance, the damage will be extremely reduced, but will wear down your weapon.You can also right click an object in your inventory and to will go to your main hotbar if it is in the bag, and vice versa
Scroll Wheel Weapon Cycling Scrolls through your equipped weapons.
Enter Bring chat to focus Brings the chat text box into focus (instead of having to click it). Pressing Enter while in the chat-box will send the message / chat command, and then change the focus back to the game (or if empty will simply change focus back to game).
Y Room chat Will switch to room chat and bring chat box into focus; if already in room chat (vs some chat tab), it will have the same effect as pressing enter (bringing focus to the chat bar).
Shift+ Enter Expand chat Toggles the chat box from its default position to an extended version that goes up to the top bar. Note that the chat box must not be in focus when you do this.
Tab Switch to chat tab Switches to a chat tab where you have unread messages.

If you have no chat tabs with unread messages, it switches to the #Room chat tab.

T Tribe Chat Switches your keyboard focus to the chatbox and types in "/t " which is the tribe chat command. Hit T, type your message, and then hit Enter to send.
R Whisper reply Changes your chatbox to respond to the last person who whispered to you.
← Backspace Chat tab cycling Pressing the backspace key while the chat is not highlighted cycles through the open chat tabs.
Shift+P Toggle Interface Hide / show the interface - desirable for clean screenshots.
Alt+F Toggle Fullscreen Changes the game to fullscreen mode (or back if already fullscreen).

Chat Commands[]

Chat commands can be entered into the chatbox in-game. Any time a backslash / starts off a message, that message will not be visible to other players. Pressing Shift+ Enter while not in chat will expand the chat window.