Dead Maze Wiki

Containers are anything on a map you can inspect for semi-random loot (unlike seeing a wood plank which is always a wood plank). While some containers are unique, many are found on various maps and often contains semi-specific loot.

If you inspect a container and depart from the zone (city), all its unextracted contents will vanish. Switching floors doesn't count as departing from the zone, but crashing out or relogging does.

Support kits can presently only be found in various containers (and not in drops from killed infected).


This containers sometimes can be locked, which safe/wall safe having a higher quality drop.

Image Name Contents
Locker (green).png Locker (gray).png Locker Items for common resources (plastic, wood, metal), some items for rare resources (precious ore), beverages and pastries
Safe.png Wall safe.png Safe / Wall safe Swords, guns, alcohol, rarer items.
Sword case.png Sword case Various bladed weapons, including the more valuable swords.
Vending machine (red).pngVending machine (blue).png Vending machine Beverages and pastries


This containers normally contains weapon and sometimes some materials.

Image Name Contents
Guitar case.png Guitar case Contains various intruments
Gun bag.png Gun bag Guns and bows
Toy chest.png Toy chest Various toy

Food & Drink[]

This containers normally contains food and/or drink some container also contains other resource.

Image Name Contents
Fish tank.png Fish tank Various fish
Grill.png Grill Meat & Fish
Nest.png Nest Eggs
Trough 1.png Trough Drinks & Pet food
Water cooler.png Water cooler Drinks

Medical supplies[]

This containers normally contains medical supplies and sometimes some resource.

Image Name Contents
Medicine cabinet.png Medicine cabinet Medical supplies
Red trashcan.png Red trashcan Medical supplies