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A clothing set is a group of clothing pieces that are related, that when all worn together apply an additional set bonus. How many pieces are needed for a set varies from 2-4.

While clothing set bonuses are useful, they really shine when specific upgrade kits are applied that complement them, and shine even more when the complementary survivor equipment/skills are used. The potential combinations are great, and all subject to opinion. While these combinations are not included on the wiki (to prevent edit wars), you can find various outside sources with suggestions.

The color of the names below indicate their rarity/level (how expensive / hard to upgrade they are). The P, B, and S icons indicate what upgrade kits can fit on the clothing slots.



Antibacterial clothing is a possible drop from antibacterian infecteds.

Antibacterial set (female).png
Antibacterial helmet.png
Antibacterial helmet PPS
  • [Passive] Toxic resistance +20%
  • [Attack 10%] Toxic damage +48, on an 4m area
Antibacterial Suit (female).png
Antibacterial Suit PPS
Antibacterial Trousers (female).png
Antibacterial trousers PPS
Antibacterial shoes.png
Antibacterial shoes PPS


Biker clothing is a possible drop from bikers.

Biker set (female).png
Biker's bandana.png
Biker's bandana BBS
  • [Passive] Combo damage +20%
Biker's jacket (female).png
Biker's Jacket BBB
Biker's trousers (female).png
Biker's trousers BBP
Biker's boots.png
Biker's boots BBP


Cheerleader clothing is a possible drop from cheerleaders.

Cheerleader set (female).png
Cheerleader's top (female).png
Cheerleader's top SSS
  • [Attack 20%] Bonus received heal +20%, for 3s, on an 4m area
Cheerleader's sportswear (female).png
Cheerleader's sportswear SSS
Cheerleader's sneakers.png
Cheerleader's sneakers SSB


Cowboy clothing is a possible drop from cowboys.

Cowboy set (female).png
Cowboy's hat.png
Cowboy's hat BBS
  • [Passive] Physical damage +5%
  • [Passive] Attack speed +5%
Cowboy's jacket (female).png
Cowboy's jacket PBS
Cow Boy pants (female).png
Cow Boy pants PBS


Electrician clothing is a possible drop from electricians.

Electrician set (female).png
Electrician's helmet.png
Electrician's helmet PPP
  • [Attack 20%] Electric damage +48
Electrician's jacket (female).png
Electrician's jacket PPB
Electrician's trousers (female).png
Electrician's trousers PPS


Eskimo set (female).png
Eskimo's hood.png
Eskimo's hood PBS
  • [Passive] Cold resistance +20%
  • [Passive] Cold damage +10%
Eskimo top (female).png
Eskimo top PPS
Eskimo's trousers (female).png
Eskimo's trousers PPS
Eskimo's boots.png
Eskimo's boots PPS

Fast food[]

Fast food clothing is a possible drop from fast food workers.

Fast food set (female).png
Fast food cap.png
Fast food cap PBS
  • [Attack 10%] Shield +40, for 5s, on an 4m area
Fast Food T-shirt (female).png
Fast Food T-shirt PBS


Fisherman clothing is a possible drop from fishermans.

Fisherman set (female).png
Fisherman's sun hat.png
Fisherman's sun hat PBS
  • [Combo 50%] Root, for 2s
Fisherman's Jacket (female).png
Fisherman's Jacket SSP
Fisherman's trousers (female).png
Fisherman's trousers PBS
Fisherman's boots.png
Fisherman's boots PBS


Football clothing is a possible drop from quarterbacks.

Football set (female).png
Football Helmet.png
Football Helmet PPP
  • [Combo 50%] Projection +4m
Football shirt (female).png
Football shirt PPP
Football short trousers (female).png
Football short trousers PPP
Football Sneakers.png
Football Sneakers BBS


Firefighter clothing is a possible drop from firefighters.

Firefighter set (female).png
Firefighter's helmet.png
Firefighter's helmet PPB
  • [Passive] Fire resistance +20%
  • [Passive] Fire damage +10%
Firefighter's Jacket (female).png
Firefighter's Jacket PPS
Firefighter's trousers (female).png
Firefighter's trousers PPB


Gladiator set (female).png
Gladiator's mask.png
Gladiator's mask PPB
  • [Passive] Regeneration +20%
Gladiator's Breastplate (female).png
Gladiator's Breastplate PPB
Gladiator's Trousers (female).png
Gladiator's Trousers PPB

Green Military[]

Green Military clothing is a possible drop from soldiers.

Green military set (female).png
Green military cap.png
Green military cap BBB
  • [Passive] Piercing damage +30%
Green military shirt (female).png
Green military shirt BBB
Green battledress (female).png
Green battledress BBB

Grey Military[]

Grey military set (female).png
Grey military cap.png
Grey military cap BBB
  • [Passive] Piercing damage +30%
Military shirt (female).png
Military shirt BBB
Battledress (female).png
Battledress BBB


Inmate clothing is a possible drop from inmates.

Inmate set (female).png
Inmate's shirt (female).png
Inmate's shirt BBS
  • [Attack 10%] Toxic damage +12
  • [Attack 10%] Fire damage +12
  • [Attack 10%] Electric damage +12
  • [Attack 10%] Cold damage +12
Inmate's trousers (female).png
Inmate's trousers BBB
Inmate's shoes.png
Inmate's shoes BBS


Mercenary set (female).png
Mercenary jacket (female).png
Mercenary jacket PPP
  • [Passive] Bonus received heal +20%
Mercenary pants (female).png
Mercenary pants PPS


Miner set (female).png
Miner's helmet.png
Miner's helmet PPP
  • [Passive] Max health +30
Miner's top (female).png
Miner's top PPB
Miner's trousers (female).png
Miner's trousers PPS
Beige boots.png
Beige boots PPB


Minesweeper set (female).png
Minesweeper helmet (female).png
Minesweeper helmet PPB
  • [Hit taken 20%] Shield +25, for 20s
  • [Passive] Aggro bonus +50%
  • [Passive] Fire resistance +10%
Minesweeper Vest.png
Minesweeper Vest PPP
Minesweeper trousers.png
Minesweeper trousers PPS
Minesweeper's Boots.png
Minesweeper's Boots PBS


Nurse clothing is a possible drop from nurses.

Nurse set (female).png
Antibacterian mask.png
Antibacterian mask SSP
  • [Passive] Healing skill +15%
Nurse coat (female).png
Nurse coat SSS
Nurse's pants (female).png
Nurse's pants SSS
Nurse's shoes.png
Nurse's shoes SSS


Farmer clothing is a possible drop from farmers.

Overalls set (female).png
Overalls top (female).png
Overalls top PPS
  • [Passive] Physical resistance +10%
Overalls bottom (female).png
Overalls bottom PPB


Phoenix set (female).png
Phoenix cap.png
Phoenix cap BBP
  • [Passive] Max health +15
  • [Passive] Piercing damage +10%
Phoenix uniform (female).png
Phoenix uniform PPB
Phoenix uniform (legs) (female).png
Phoenix uniform PPB
Phoenix's guard boots.png
Phoenix's guard boots BBP


Police clothing is a possible drop from cops.

Police set (female).png
Cop cap.png
Cop cap BBS
  • [Passive] Physical damage +10%
Police shirt (female).png
Police shirt BBP
Police officer trousers (female).png
Police officer trousers BBP


Pyjama set (female).png
Pyjama's top (female).png
Pyjama's top SSB
  • [Attack 10%] Counter-attack, for 3s, on an 4m area
Pyjama bottom (female).png
Pyjama bottom SSB
Slippers SSB


Raider set (female).png
Raider's vest (female).png
Raider's vest SSB
  • [Passive] Damage on slowed targets +15%
  • [Passive] Damage on stunned targets +30%
Raider pants (female).png
Raider pants BBP
Raider's Shoes.png
Raider's Shoes BBB

RATS Fan[]

RATS fan set (female).png
RATS fan cap.png
RATS fan cap SSP
  • [Attack 10%] Physical damage +20%, for 5s, on an 4m area
RATS fan's jacket (female).png
RATS fan's jacket SSB
RATS Fan shoes.png
RATS Fan shoes PBS


Raven set (female).png
Raven Jacket (female).png
Raven Jacket PPS
  • [Passive] Dodge +10%
Raven's Trousers (female).png
Raven's Trousers BBP
Raven's shoes.png
Raven's shoes SSB


Reaper set (female).png
Reaper helmet.png
Reaper helmet BBS
  • [Passive] Critical damage +30%
Reaper jacket (female).png
Reaper jacket BBP
Reaper trousers (female).png
Reaper trousers PBS
Reaper shoes.png
Reaper shoes BBP


Sand set (female).png
Sand glasses.png
Sand glasses SSP
  • [Passive] Max rest +20
Sand top (female).png
Sand top BBS
Sand trousers.png
Sand trousers BBS
Sand shoes.png
Sand shoes PBS


Scavenger set (female).png
Scavenger jacket (female).png
Scavenger jacket PBS
  • [Passive] Hunger -15%
  • [Passive] Thirst -15%
Scavenger trousers (female).png
Scavenger trousers PBS


Snake set (female).png
Snake jacket (female).png
Snake jacket BBP
  • [Passive] Attack speed +10%
Snake pants (female).png
Snake pants BBS


Steward set (female).png
Steward's hat (female).png
Steward's hat PBS
  • [Attack 10%] Move speed +20%, for 5s, on an 4m area
Steward's jacket (female).png
Steward's jacket PBS
Steward's trousers (female).png
Steward's trousers PBS


Swimsuit clothing is a possible drop from swimsuit infecteds.

Swimsuit set (female).png
Swimming Suit Top (female).png
Swimming Suit Top SSB
  • [Attack 30%] Wet, on an 4m area
Swimsuit (female).png
Swimsuit SSB


Thug clothing is a possible drop from thugs.

Thug set (female).png
Thug's bandana.png
Thug's bandana BBB
  • [Attack 20%] Counter-attack, for 3s
Thug's jacket (female).png
Thug's jacket BBB
Thug's pants (female).png
Thug's pants BBB


Tourist clothing is a possible drop from tourists.

Tourist set (female).png
Tourist's cap.png
Tourist's cap PBS
  • [Attack 20%] Unleashed, for 2s
  • Note: There is currently a bug, the unleashed effect can't trigger by attacks.
Tourist's shirt (female).png
Tourist's shirt SSB
Tourist's short trousers (female).png
Tourist's short trousers SSB
Brown Flip-Flops.png
Brown Flip-Flops SSS


Tracker set (female).png
Tracker's jacket (female).png
Tracker's jacket BBP
  • [Passive] Critical chance +10%
Tracker trousers (female).png
Tracker trousers PPB
Tracker's shoes.png
Tracker's shoes BBS

Urban Survival[]

Urban survival set (female).png
Urban survival sweater (female).png
Urban survival sweater PBS
  • [Passive] Stamina gain +15%
Urban survival pants (female).png
Urban survival pants PBS
Urban survival shoes.png
Urban survival shoes PBS


Waiter set (female).png
Waiter's top (female).png
Waiter's top PBS
  • [Attack 10%] Physical resistance +20%, for 5s, on an 4m area
Waiter's trousers (female).png
Waiter's trousers PBS


Walker set (female).png
Walker's jacket (female).png
Walker's jacket PBS
  • [Passive] Durability +15%
Walker trousers (female).png
Walker trousers PBS


Wood cutter clothing is a possible drop from lumberjacks.

Woodcutter set (female).png
Woodcutter's helmet.png
Woodcutter's helmet BPP
  • [Attack 20%] Stun, for 2s
Woodcutter's shirt (female).png
Woodcutter's shirt PPB
Woodcutter's trousers (female).png
Woodcutter's trousers BBP


Workout set (female).png
Sport headband.png
Sport headband BBS
  • [Attack 20%] Attack speed +20%, for 5s
Red shirt (female).png
Red shirt BBS
Black jogging pants (female).png
Black jogging pants PBS