Cheese is a difficult resource to get as very few items give it, and most aren't common. It's most commonly used in cooking.


Some good locations to find pizza items are:

  • Downtown Santa Rosa - You can find 2 pizzas and 1 hamburger (usually salvageable) and a milk bottle near the "office" secret passage, except instead of going in, go east out onto the deck.
  • Museum - There is also a pizza and hamburgers in the red fast food restaurant at the north east most corner of the map. Note that fast food restaurant has a lot of infecteds with high level. However, the pizzas and hamburgers are usually salvageable.

While not cheap, the easiest way to get cheese is to buy them from Jeffrey in the camp. You can also buy fondue from Henry Collins in Lakeview, although each one costs Survivor mark 6 Marks.

Salvage Sources
Num Item
4 Raclette icon Raclette
3 Fondue icon Fondue
2 Carbonara icon Carbonara
2 Pizza icon Pizza
1 Cheese omelette icon Cheese omelette
1 (low %) Hamburger icon Hamburger
1 Mac and cheese icon Mac and cheese
1 (low %) Milk bottle icon Milk bottle


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