Dead Maze Wiki

Characters found in the world of Dead Maze.

Major Story Characters[]

Image Name Sex Info
Chloe Thorn - injured idle.png
Chloe Thorn Female She's the first major story character that a player meets in Dead Maze.
Murphy Lane.png
Murphy Lane Female
Lynn Durand.png
Lynn Durand Female She sells buildings blueprints in Lakeview
Rob McCoy.png
Rob McCoy Male He offers players to sign up for beta PvP
Wallace Abboth.png
Wallace Abboth Male He runs Lakeview while Egon is missing
Henry Collins.png
Henry Collins Male He sells high quality food in Lakeview
Manuel Lopez.png
Manuel Lopez Male
Mei Lee.png
Mei Lee Female She sells skills in Lakeview
Karen Jade.png
Karen Jade / "Madam Jade" Female
Jay Cramberg.png
Jay Cramberg Male
Sekou Iwume.png
Sekou Iwume Male He sells high quality weapons and also fire starter , compass and homemade remedy in Lakeview for survivor marks
Jared Crane.png
Jared Crane Male
Bob Wax.png
Bob Wax Male
Berkley Benett.png
Berkley Benett Female
Jason Kleng.png
Jason Kleng Male
Sylvie Dawson.png
Sylvie Dawson Female
Kelly Marsh.png
Kelly Marsh Female

Other Characters[]

Merchants and other characters unrelated to the story.

Image Name Sex Info
Johanna Bullock.png
Johanna Bullock Female Sells hair styles in the Camp
Sam Bullock.png
Sam Bullock Male Sells clothing in the Camp
Neil O Bannon.png
Neil O'Bannon Male Sells emotes in Lakeview
Jeffrey Male Sells resources in the Camp
Tabatha Female Sells hair dye in Lakeview
Antonio Male Buys resources in Lakeview
Tod Moss.png
Tod Moss Male Easter egg and tribute to Bob Ross

Side Quest Characters[]

These are characters who play a role in side quests.

Sacramento Suburbs[]

Bodega Bay[]

Downtown Santa Rosa[]

Mazon College[]

Sunset Mall[]

Walker River[]

Jurassic Museum[]

Minor and Recurring Characters[]

Characters who play minor roles to the story or rarely appears.

Image Name Sex Info
Josh Nolan.png
Josh Nolan Male Friend in intro scene
Cassie Sanders.png
Cassie Sanders Female Friend in intro scene
Mitchell Woodbury.png
Mitchell Woodbury Male Minor character in intro
Conrad McGills Male Minor character in intro
Gary Anders.png
Gary Anders Male
Egon Male Originally wasn't visible during much of beta.

Event Characters[]

Image Name Sex Info
Will O' Wis.png
Will O' Wis Male Halloween
Irving Male Halloween