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This is a list of the game's version history. Most recent to oldest.

V1.45 - 21 February 2019Edit

  • Unknown

V1.44 - 25 October 2018Edit

V1.43 - 30 Aug 2018Edit

  • Unknown

V1.42 - 6 July 2018Edit


  • Bodega slightly modified.
  • Every week, an old set will be featured in the Shop (any kind of set)

V1.41 - 26 June 2018Edit

  • Doghouse fixed, and dog can save the player from a sure death once every 4 hours
  • Icons for "Bonus damages on stunned targets" and "Bonus damages on slowed targets" added to the game.

V1.38 - 30 May 2018Edit

  • New side quests added for Mall.

V1.35 - 17 May 2018Edit

  • Scavenger clothing set released.

V1.34 - 15 May 2018Edit

  • The chances of dropping clothes have been increased!

V1.32 - 4 May 2018Edit

  • The daily dog's quests will no longer be required to progress in the main storyline! Your progression with the dog will not be lost :)
  • Snake clothing set added

V1.30 - 19 April 2018Edit

Alpha Version 3 - 13 January 2017 Edit

Official Post

Alpha 1.14 - 25 November 2016 Edit

Official Post

New FeaturesEdit

  • When drunk, tipsy or making noise when looting a bin, the characters says something
  • New looting system to improve the sorting and balance

Bug fixesEdit

  • Chatting was made drunk all the time


  • Skills
    • Powerful hit lowered from 60 to 50 dmgs
  • Zombies
    • Biker dmgs lowered from 400% to 100% on his powerful hit, occurrence powered up from 5% to 10%
  • Weapons
    • Plate damages from 300% to 250%
    • Teapot buff duration from 10s to 15 seconds, damages from 105% to 120% durability from 5% to 15% "Because we love tea... or not"
    • Skateboard damages from 105% to 135%
    • Trophy damages from 80% to 110%, durability from 65% to 80%, combo up to 15 instead of 12, buff duration from 5s to 8 seconds
    • Pipe durability from 85% to 60%, attack speed from 90% to 110%
    • Vase damages from 300% to 350% and combo from 100% to 200%, durability none
    • Minicar damages modification from 10% t o 20%
    • Metal rod attack speed from 105% to 130%
    • Kitchen knife durability from 90% to 80%
    • Potsherd attack speed from 80% to 100%
    • Bow durability from 200% to 125%
    • Weight damages from 225% to 250%
    • Bible attack speed from 65% to 85% damages from 40% to 55%

Alpha 1.13 - 23 November 2016 Edit

Official Post

New FeaturesEdit

  • Super zombies don't move faster anymore
  • New illnesses

Bug fixesEdit

  • Zombies would stay at their spawn point on several first maps
  • Self-healing can happen even when life regeneration is equal to 0
  • The shield doesn't absorb healings anymore
  • Zombies will stop chasing the player for too long
  • The bike has been added on gas station and campus maps
  • Eating while being at the campfire doesn't make the server crash anymore
  • One of the fridge in the Park wasn't pickable ("It's too far")
  • You can now move freely after using the first floor stair at the campus
  • The male character was having some animation problems
  • Minor visual bugs has been fixed

Alpha 1.12 - 18 November 2016 Edit

Official Post

New featuresEdit

We added a Resting System: we want to bring a multiplayer dimension to the survival aspect of our game and make it fun. So we designed a system which put the old drinking and eating system into perspective. At the beginning of each map (wether it is an expedition or not), a fire camp interface pops in. You can be 4 on it, or alone (just click on the button ahead of you in order to stop looking for teammates). You will be able able to give each others foods or drinks (only 3 items max) in order to fulfill your thirst and hunger bars. We let you the surprise of the bonus/malus you could get if you don't listen to your body!

Hence, a new illness system has been implemented. Most of the maps contain some "safe zones", where no zombies at all (apart from the ones you attracted) will be able to nag you. We put that in place for the ones who want a little place to trade, roleplay, socialize and have a laugh. You are able to discard your stacks of materials in order to make some space by right clicking on it. Fighting with your bare hands leaves you a chance to bleed.


Optimization and balancing on weapons and food. Rocks can't be picked anymore. The "killing X zombies" in a mini-expedition objective was lowered from 100% to 80% in order to let you think twice before fighting a large group.

Bug fixesEdit

  • When playing Dead Maze, Transformice players would receive notifications of connection/disconnection regularly.
  • Sometimes when traveling, the character would get stuck outside of a map.
  • The game wouldn't connect sometimes.
  • If we kill X zombies before the killing X zombies objective triggered, it doesn't count and we can't fulfill the mission.
  • The interface of moving an object would stay displayed after using the radio
  • Some objects caused the game to crash when looting them.
  • The displaying of a moved object stayed in the first location.
  • Some objects wouldn't cost anything to craft.
  • When eating food, you could select another food, and this last would be eaten instead of the first selected.
  • Food effects could be stacked up indefinitely.
  • Some of the tooltips persisted even when moving the cursor away from the object.
  • Moving stocking crate, workbench or bicycle in the camp causes them to disappear.
  • Some of the furnitures couldn't be looted because they were "too far away"
  • When looting a box of cereal on a kitchen storage, the whole furniture disappears.
  • When growing the fire in the crafting table, their recipes would change into the kitchen ones.
  • Apples couldn't be eaten.
  • Colliders have been added to prevent the player from reaching the end of the map in the Forest.
  • Players were able to loot when their character was dying.
  • The fire can only achieve 100/100, even if we add an object that adds more (then we lose the difference).
  • Fixing some animation problems with the male character
  • Other minor fixes:
    • Spelling errors
    • Camp colliders

Alpha 1.1 - 10 November 2016 Edit

Alpha tester list released on 21 October 2016. First public bug reports by users showed up on 10 November 2016.