Cereals are a resource mostly used for cooking.


While there is arguably no "best" item to try to find for this resource, grabbing various pastries from vending machines is a somewhat dependable source. In general just keep an eye out for all the items listed below as most of them are common or slightly uncommon. The best source of this resource however is likely not from salvaging but instead from farming.

Salvage Sources
Num Item
10 Humanitarian goods icon Humanitarian goods
5 Farmer's Basket icon Stash of food
4 Mac and cheese icon Mac and cheese
4 Pasta package icon Pasta package
4 Pizza icon Pizza
3 Rice salad icon Rice salad
2 + 1 Cereal box icon Cereal box
2 Bread icon Bread
2 Cereal bowl icon Cereal bowl
2 Chicken sandwich icon Chicken sandwich
2 Chocolate cake icon Chocolate cake
2 Croissant icon Croissant
2 Donut icon Donut
2 Strawberry cake icon Strawberry cake
2 Yogurt cake icon Yogurt cake
1 Biscuit icon Biscuit
1 Breaded Fish icon Breaded Fish
1 Hamburger icon Hamburger
1 Hot Dog icon Hot Dog
1 Potato icon Potato