Butter is a rare resource that is used in various cooking recipes and research projects.


The easiest way to get butter is by find strawberry cake. There are 4 main ways to do this:

  • Pastry Stands - These are located in certain buildings such as the Supermarket and the Cybercafé in Sunset Mall. They can drop pastries including the strawberry cake, donuts and cupcakes.
  • Vending machines - There's a decent chance to find various types of cakes/pastries, including strawberry cake (grab any other pastries listed below as well).
  • Lockers - all lockers may have, but especially those in the mazon stadium/field Secret passage, as it's not uncommon to find multiple there (also check the vending machines in that secret passage!).
  • André Patisserie - There is a pastry shop in the Grey alley of the mall to the west of spawn (directly southwest of the Black Mages cybercafé; inside this pastry shop is a cake slice sitting on the counter (decent chance to be salvageable). Warning: shop has a lot of higher level mobs.
Salvage Sources
Num Item
1 Carbonara icon Carbonara
1 Croissant icon Croissant
0-1 Cupcake icon Cupcake
0-1 Donut icon Donut
1 Strawberry cake icon Strawberry cake


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