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Many of the "Special" type infected types also have a boss form, introduced in beta v0.52 and beta v0.54 , which looks like a "Supercharged" version except without the floating skulls. These bosses have deadly attacks and an extremely large amount of HP.

Note: the Peruvian is not a boss. It's just an extra powerful infected with special behavior, loot, and high stats.

Drops[edit | edit source]

Each boss will only drop good loot (including Experience.png experience and Reputation.png reputation) once a week. If you kill them more often, you will get poor loot. But for most players, you don't get any loot after you kill a specific boss without it resetting. Boss kill counts reset sometime on Thursday 12am UTC, after which point you can gain good loot from each of them again.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Visit the page for each boss for potential spawn locations and strategies. It appears bosses can appear in any spawn area that spawns infecteds with a legendary infected level[Confirm] (which includes secret passages as well as other locations around the map).

List[edit | edit source]

Infected Location Health Ability Secondary Ability
Sacramento Suburbs icon.png
Sacramento Suburbs
Summons exploders and basic infected to attack players. Throws a gas canister that explodes and deals fire damage in a 3m radius.
Walker River icon.png
Walker River
Counter attacks with fire and toxic elements.
Downtown Santa Rosa icon.png
Downtown Santa Rosa
Summons mini crawlers to protect itself. Inflicts a painful bite.
Bodega Bay icon.png
Bodega Bay
Vomits and does elemental damage (toxic, fire or ice) in a 5m radius.
Sunset Mall icon.png
Sunset Mall
Becomes angrier the more damage it takes.
South Fallon icon.png
Highway 99
Summons minions and protects them from damage.
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