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Otakujazzy Otakujazzy 1 May 2020

im new

hi, im jazzy and im new i just joined today ((5/1/2020)) and if u can help if i ask i would be happy. Also if u want my social media stuff here its is:

instagram: Jazzy_sexy_otaku

thats all i have ((sadly))


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Bubblespawn Bubblespawn 26 October 2018

Water, Water everywhere and some to drink

  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Table
  • 3 Notes
  • 4 Great spots to farm water

I have recently been foraging or farming for drinking water, be it for a project in my Research workshop, watering my Vegetable gardens or just to craft, and I always find myself getting very tired. So I decided it might be a nice idea to look into the various costs associated with picking up recyclable water items versus how much water they give you upon recycling, so you can really optimize your water runs.

Water from
Rest Cost
to pick up

Apple juice

Banana juice


Drinking water bottle

Energy drink

Glass of water

Grape juice


Orange juice

Peach juice

Pear juice

Plastic flask

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Bubblespawn Bubblespawn 12 September 2018

Forging - Combining the right attributes

In this post, I am going to create a table of all the weapons, and the types of Combo bonus. I have a hard time remembering which weapons have the same Combo bonus type, and this is useful in forging good weapons.

This article does not look good or  interesting in preview mode, but if you click to view the actual page, you will be rewarded by a neat sortable table of items and their associated effects that you can use to forge the ultimate power weapon.

  1. I have not put actual values in many of the amount cells as this is very tedious.
  2. I had originally intended to do so and put x's in place of the value to come.
  3. Duration of Effect is in seconds
  4. Sorting of amount is meaningless because some values are %, some are meters and some are just numbers.
  5. T…

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Bubblespawn Bubblespawn 22 August 2018

The usual suspects part 2 - Some notable nasties

In the last post, The usual suspects - opinions on special infecteds  I discussed the main category of special infecteds. 

In this one, I want to talk about some of my other favorite characters that you will meet which, while not truly "special", might make your life a misery, or at least has made mine difficult on more than one occasion, and to whom special attention should be paid:

  • 1 The Doctor
  • 2 The Soldier
  • 3 The Fisherman
  • 4 The Quarterback
  • 5 The Lumberjack
  • 6 Conclusion

This practitioner of the medical arts will toxify you, and sometimes twice, for 12 seconds, which in Dead Maze time, is too long. Having two of those little Toxic status icons is bad enough, but whenever you take damage from this status, it will interrupt your ability to open a loot b…

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Bubblespawn Bubblespawn 11 August 2018

The usual suspects - opinions on special infecteds.

There are a whole cast of characters with very specific behavioral quirks that makes them both "fun" and frightening. I have been meaning to write up my opinions and special strategies for dealing with these nasties in the best possible way, so today, I procrastinate no more.

Let me start with...

  • 1 The Screamer
  • 2 The Catapult
  • 3 The Tracker
  • 4 The Protector
  • 5 The Crawler
  • 6 The Unstable
  • 7 The Avenger
  • 8 The Puker

This fella tends to run from you, but he is always screaming...probably something to do with some past life grievance. However, when he screams, he summons another regular infected, that:

  • Doesn't give you any Experience when killed
  • Doesn't contribute to the number count of a secret passage
  • Doesn't contribute to the number count of a daily quest
  • Doesn't con…

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Bubblespawn Bubblespawn 28 July 2018

Hoarders gonna Hoard

So I am the hugest hoarder, and when I first started playing this game, and before I knew how to recycle, or what quality or rest cost were, I used to end up with TONS of junk and no real reason for it. I was constantly dreading losing that oh-so-special poor quality fork that I just *knew* had to have some special purpose.

So now, at level 250 (which I know is way lower than all you one and two thousanders), I am going to share some tips about how I got over my hoarding problem and some bits of info that could help all you item hoarders and collectioners etc.

  • 1 The Cost of Picking up items
    • 1.1 Tips
  • 2 The Quality of the Stuff you pick up
    • 2.1 Tips
  • 3 Recycling on the go
    • 3.1 Tips
  • 4 Crafting on the Go
    • 4.1 Tips
  • 5 Forging at your camp
    • 5.1 Tips
  • 6 Types of Fire makers


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Bubblespawn Bubblespawn 23 July 2018

Forging for profit and fun

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Tips
  • 3 Successful Combinations
  • 4 Some all time favorites

I am a really big fan of the forge and I spend a good deal of time gathering some ideal items and I wanted to share some things I have found, and some of my favorite combinations.

  • I always try to forge two things of the same quality, then you get the same quality result.
  • If you have a weapon mod on your ingredients, there is a good chance that it will carry on to the result, and you will also get to put a mod on the resulting combination.
  • Whenever I get something of Exceptional quality, no matter what it is, I try to forge it with something else to see what result I can get.
  • It seems that when you have two movement increase items, forging takes the higher movement increase numbe…

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Bubblespawn Bubblespawn 14 July 2018

Strategies for farming paper

Since I have gotten the recipe for Blueprints,  and I am a big fan of making weapons in the Forge, I have been collecting helpful tips for gathering paper. So even if you need lots of paper for other reasons, here are some interesting things I have found about paper-collection. 

One of the important things to remember when gathering any resource, is that whenever you pick something up, it has a cost of either Rest points , Food points or water points. Paper gathering can be a drain on your rest, so for each item you want to pick up, you have to balance the rest cost of picking up the item against how much paper you get when you recycle it. Some paper-giving items cost alot of rest, and give you only 1 or 2 paper, whereas other paper-giving …

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Bubblespawn Bubblespawn 13 July 2018

Recycling for Side Quests, a neat trick

Many side quests require you to gather resources, and you cannot bring them before hand, you have to scavenge items, recycle them and hope to get the resource that you want. In addition to this, you cannot go back to your camp, or else the quest will reset.

I have found that:

  • if you bring the resource with you, say wood,
  • then craft an item that would normally give that resource, say a plank
  • then recycle that plank again for wood,

it adds to your quest objective, so that you don't need to spend as much time looking for resources to complete your quest.

As you recycle and re-craft, there is a good chance of getting back fewer and fewer resources after each time you recycle, so account for that. I haven't tried this method with all resource types, …

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Bubblespawn Bubblespawn 12 July 2018

Some advice from a fellow player

1. When you see Crawlers , lure them towards you. Set down mines (Toxic or Incendiary if you have them, or Wolf Traps ) so the Crawlers' life points are lowered before they get to you, because the crawlers like to jump on you and punch you.

2. The Trackers are the ones that smell you and follow you very quickly, So set down mines for them. Hit them with mace to stun them and keep fighting and when you hear a sound like a dog grunt, that means they are dead. You can also lure them across water, and hit them with an Electric Weapon (Electric Stick, Taser), or lure them across an oil puddle and hit them with a Fire Weapon (such as Torch, Lighter or candle).

3. There is the giant bully zombie called a Catapult that throws other zombies into you,…

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Bubblespawn Bubblespawn 12 July 2018

Packing for war, what to take with you

One of the harder things about this game is that your backpack space is limited. You find yourself having to balance between things to take with you and leaving space for things to pick up. Of the things to take with you, you need to balance between weapons, food and water. Since picking up food and items has a Rest cost, you want to take one good water-providing item and one good food providing item.

Here is why I carry various weapons:


Combat Knife 

The unleashed skill is great when you have to run from a herd and there are infecteds with such nasty effects as Root, or Movement Slowdown. Unleashed totally nullifies the effects for a second or two.

Kukri Knife
The Heal Combo ability helps you both attack and heal at the same time …

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Bubblespawn Bubblespawn 11 July 2018

Things to do with used-up weapons

You know that really great quality weapon with excellent effects that has started showing the dreaded red background it gets when it's just about to break. Here are some things you can do without throwing it away:

  1. If you use the weapon in the forge with another weapon, provided you use it as the base weapon , you have a good chance of transferring both the quality and the good effects to the new combined weapon. So you get your original, plus new whatever new effects transfer if they do (not sure what the odds are) . From my experience, if the weapon with which you combine it is of the same quality, you have a better than average chance of maintaining the quality grade. Of course, you will need that very expensive forge. (see forge, bluepri…
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Bubblespawn Bubblespawn 10 July 2018

Infected Levels, watch the dots

I just learned recently that the infecteds have a small colored dot to the left of their HP bar. The greens and yellows are lower levelled, the reds and purples are higher levels (i.e. higher HP and possibly more agressive). I was also informed that if you see a herd of one color, you should treat them like they are the next level up, because herds are always more difficult than a single of that level. After discovering this, I looked on the wiki, and found the information in this section.

Thanks to Fighter for this great info. 

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