For the item, see Razor blade.

Blades are a common resource used in recipes for numerous strong weapons, also sometimes needed for research projects.


The best source of blades is razor blades, which can be found semi commonly in the trash/recycling, desks, and shelves.

Salvage Sources
Num Item
3 + 250% Razor blades icon Razor blade
2 Axe icon Axe
2 Fireman axe icon Fireman axe
2 Machete icon Machete
2 Saw icon Saw
2 Saw blade icon Saw blade
2 + 1?% Steel sword icon Steel sword
1 Butterfly knife icon Butterfly knife
1 Canned peaches icon Canned peaches
1 Combat knife icon Combat knife
1 Hatchet icon Hatchet
1 Hunting knife icon Hunting knife
4+2 Katana icon Katana
1 Kitchen knife icon Kitchen knife
1 Kukri icon Kukri
1 Scalpel icon Scalpel
1 Shears icon Shears
1 Sickle icon Sickle
1 Weapon modifier icon Weapon modifier