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For the item, see Battery (item).
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The battery is a camp building that is used to store electricity. Each battery grants 50 additional electricity storage.

Level Materials Required Storage Cap
1 80Scrap metal10Tools10Precious ore40Electronic component 50
2 320Scrap metal40Tools40Precious ore160Electronic component 100
3 560Scrap metal70Tools70Precious ore280Electronic component 150
4 800Scrap metal100Tools100Precious ore400Electronic component 200 (max)


To learn the blueprint for this building, you must find 4 incomplete versions of it in a specific zone. You can tell how many pieces you've found in a zone by clicking the map icon at the top left.

Complete Locations Map:
Arizona Jurassic Museum - incomplete battery locations map.png
Incomplete Building Locations
Zone Arizona Jurassic Museum
Image Locations Previews
Battery (damaged).png From the spawn, take the south-east way to go down to the museaum plateau. Go south-west accross the building to reach an area with 5 abandonned cars. Battery incomplete 1.png
At the extreme east of the map, the incomplete part is located on the bed in the building closed to the restaurant Battery incomplete 2.png
From the spawn, take the south-east way to go down accross the museaum plateau and reach the excavation site. The incomplete part is the biggest excavation. Battery incomplete 3.png
At the extreme south of the map, the incomplete part is located near the fence inside the building with the U.S.A flag. Battery incomplete 4.png