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Extended backpack

Collapsible backpack slots

Your backpack can be used to hold onto 22 items at a time (as well as up to 4 Survivor equipment). When you die and respawn, your backpack will drop and you will lose all your items until you retrieve your backpack (which will remain until you either collect everything or die a second time). In your camp you can build storage to keep some of your items safe and open up space in your backpack. You cannot increase the size of your backpack.

The first six items in your backpack (along the bar to the left) can be quickly selected by using Shift + 1-6, or by using the scroll wheel.

If the backpack in maximized, you can also see the current number of reputation and survivor marks you have along the bottom.


Backpack dropped

Dropped backpack

One thing even the best of us do is die (often from our own stupidity). When this happens, you will be present with 2 options and a timer.

  • If you have enough food and water, you can revive and keep playing; this will knockback nearby zombies and give you a few seconds before they notice you again.
  • While the timer is running, another player can also click on you to start reviving you; this works even if you don't have the food and water needed to survive.
  • If you can't revive and no one can revive you, you must choose to respawn in your camp (this happens automatically if timer runs out). This will drop your backpack and add a skull icon on your map next to zone you last died in.

If you die and respawn, you can retrieve your backpack to recover all your items (other than survivor equipment if you had any). However, if you die a second time before recovering your original backpack, a new backpack will be dropped deleting the contents of your old one. As such, make sure to be careful; bring a weapon, make sure you have enough food/water to revive, and maybe bring a friend to help you. Also be patient; if a horde of infecteds are surrounding it, wait for them to disperse. Note that no one may recover your backpack except you. Note that if you have revived once already and have not visited a campfire / your camp, the next time you die you will automatically send up a flare with no timer, even if you have enough food and water to regen.