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Secret passages[]

  • Oasis Diner Parking - From the spawn go north east (behind the motel with the "condemned staircase") until you reach the North House with three fish tanks. Go inside and enter behind the two bookshelves (N). When the passage is open the third bookshelf should be gone. Once you're through the gate, make your way down to the bottom of the building and through the garbage cans. Enter through the kitchen and exit west through the front door. You will reach the parking lot. The chest can be found at the bottom of it.
  • Fatal Excavation Site - From spawn head west past the "oven" convenience store and fast food place. Follow the edge of the map south towards the Large grouping - West until a passage east opens up. Inside lies an abandoned dinosaur excavation site. You can walk directly on the train tracks southeast towards the chest, which lies directly at the bottom of the site. You can also walk directly past the train tracks towards the southwest corner, and then from there walk through the burial site towards the crate.
  • Scientist Observation Division - From spawn, follow the path the quest originally took you until you start going east past a botanical house raised up off the ground a bit; on the south west corner of the house is an opening (or a gate if closed). This house is where tourists would observe the scientists down below in the excavation site "like lab rats."
  • Tourist Auction Center - Following the quest line, the entrance is directly below the house Chloe was trapped in. Once you're past the gates, cross right past the "To the road" zone and towards the buildings. The crate is in the storage building in the northeast of the complex.

Battery Blueprint[]

Battery (damaged).png

The blueprints found here will unlock the battery (see page for locations).

Side missions[]

Dr. E. Pollick.png

Dr. E. Pollick

Reward: Experience.png 1200, Reputation.png 3 Rep
Dr. E. Pollick location.png
Location: Next to the unlit fire near the second Bike.png bike adjacent the taco house.
Objective: Kill 20 infected near house, inspect water tank.

Go northwest past the greenhouse to his house to kill 20 infecteds. Go back and talk to Dr. E. Pollick. Afterwards, go back towards the Bike.png bike, down the slope and northeast to the water tank to inspect it (Alternatively, southwest to the museum and swing around to the north end). Return to Pollick.

Joshua Castillo.png

Joshua Castillo

Reward: Experience.png 2400, Reputation.png 6 Rep
Joshua Castillo location.png
Location: Southwest of the spawn in one of the adjacent buildings.
Objective: Salvage Tools 10 tools, find a Dinosaur plush icon.png Dinosaur plush.

Infected rarely drop tools for you, so scavenge in the railway secret passage and around the map. You must salvage the tools after the quest has begun or it does not count. Talk to Joshua when you are done. Go to the front of the museum into the toy shop, and take a dinosaur plush. This time killing infected will drop green bags containing them. Return to Joshua. He won't take your Tools tools, but he will take a Dinosaur plush icon.png Dinosaur plush.

Tasha Beaux.png

Tasha Beaux

Reward: Experience.png 2000, Reputation.png 5 Rep
Tasha Beaux location.png
Location: Can be found in the South-East underneath the Museum and lies next to the red mattress.
Objective: Salvage Fish 10 fish & Meat 5 meat.

After speaking to her, you first you have to read the diary next to her and then she requests 10 Fish and 5 Meat. Infected will now drop Gudgeon icon.png gudgeons and Chicken sandwich icon.png chicken sandwichs more often. Collect the resources this way takes a lot of stamina and time. Alternatively the surrounding buildings can be searched, especially the Diner in the West. Now return to Tasha.

Wanahton Reeves.png

Wanahton Reeves

Reward: Experience.png 1600, Reputation.png 4 Rep, Taser icon.png Taser
Wanahton Reeves location.png
Location: At the very bottom of the map (just to the right of the bottom Bike.png bike and campfire) between the small pond and the adjacent building.
Objective: Reeves will give you a Helicopter's black box icon.png Flat battery; interact with the nearby generator to use it. [Return to Reeves.] Deal PDM 3.png 750 electric damage. [Return to Reeves.]

Note that the Taser icon.png voltmeter quest item does not deal electric damage and you'll have to find some other way to deal electric damage. Best bring a taser for this quest, or if someone else already completed the quest, ask to borrow their taser. Microwaves deal electrical damage as well if you can find one.

Paulette Langsley.png

Paulette Langsley

Reward: Experience.png 3600, Reputation.png 9 Rep, Canteen icon.png Canteen
Paulette Langsley location.png
Location: In front of the double tents within the excavation site.
Objective: Kill 10 infected with a Shovel icon.png Shovel within the excavation site. Kill 5 infected with a Scrub icon.png Scrub within the excavation site.

Infected will drop scrubs and shovels to use. The infected within the excavation site are a higher difficulty than most typical infected.

Louise Galler.png

Louise Galler

Reward: Experience.png 1600, Reputation.png 4 Rep
Louise Galler location.png
Location: Go from spawn and head Southwest until you see the Excavation Site Secret Passage (Railway), go Southeast from of the secret passage, Louise is just past the gate with the red & white bars.
Objective: Kill 30 zombies in the zone (underneath).


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