Alcohol is an uncommonly used resource as most recipes that use it aren't currently very useful (as the "pain killer" effect doesn't work when simply drunk). It's main uses are for upgrading certain clothing and research projects.

Note: using an alcoholic beverage and clicking on an unlit campfire before the animation ends is currently the only way to trigger the "painkiller" effect without triggering a rest.


One of the best locations for alcohol is Mazon College's field secret passage; directly north of the crate are 2 wine bottles and 3 wine cups, which have a high chance of being salvageable.

Another good location is the Mall's Palm Tree area. There is a bar with a pool table there and lots of alcohol.

As most alcoholic beverage locations are often expired, probably the best source of alcohol is actually from molotov cocktails as they are somewhat common and are always salvageable.

Salvage Sources
Num Item
5(50%) Formula X icon Formula X
3 Wine bottle icon Wine bottle
2 Molotov cocktail icon Molotov cocktail
2 Whiskey icon Whiskey
1 Beer icon Beer
1 Champagne bottle icon Champagne bottle
1 Glass of wine icon Glass of wine
0-1 Grapes icon Grapes


Kitchen stove Kitchen stove - Add to cook fire for 2 Fire fire.

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