For the player stat, see Aggro.

The aggression of an infected increases as a player's threat level goes up (although not 1:1), or as the player uses more options on the strategy table (each chosen option increases aggression by 1).

The level of an infected affects their base-level aggression.[1]

Level Behaviors
  • Infecteds behave normally.
  • Monster40.png Screamers use their AOE (Area of Effect) stun skill much more often.
  • All infecteds have a larger detection range.
  • Pusher.png Catapulters get a small speed boost with cooldown.
  • Catapulters can throw up to 3 infecteds at once.
  • Monster42.png Protectors uses their charge attack much more often.
  • Monster43.png Trackers have a chance to dodge attacks.
  • Normal infecteds may stun instead of slowing the player.[Confirm]
  • When Monster38.png Pukers puke, the skill pulls you towards them (even if the puke doesn't hit you).
  • Catapulters can grab other infecteds from much farther away.
  • Monster37.png Crawlers can jump towards a player from much farther away.

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