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Adventures are mini stories performed in groups of 4 that take place on zones not normally accessible in the game. They involve completing a sequence of objectives to earn rewards. Rewards are three randomly selected groups of items similar to those offered when leveling up, and are scaled upwards in value the harder the difficulty set for the adventure. The difficulty itself consists in having to cope with the infected doing significantly more damage in the higher levels, otherwise the workload being the same.

To start an adventure, you need a group of 4 people and all of you need to be at Lakeview. When ready, approach one of the strategy tables (one in in the main office to the north, and another in the building south of the bike), and "create" the adventure. If you need to re-request the adventure, do it only after having all the members of your group cancel the pending request (top center of the screen), or you may later get recalled from an adventure in progress and put in another, leading to further reward trouble. Also, when on an adventure already, forming groups with people outside of the adventure may jam up the tasks, but this won't impact earnings from a repeat run. The automatic matchmaking only picks up players with the same language setting and maybe also ip range, so you may wish to add other players to your group manually to widen the scope. It's also recommended to establish groups during adventures not only for the convenience of knowing what gets worked upon, but also for the 10% (or 20% for a full group) experience bonus.

Just like normal zones, once you collect something on one of these maps it will be empty until the container reset at 5 UTC.

The pool of the potential adventure earnings allows for 105 to 115 reputation to be picked up daily through any number of runs which doesn't still exhaust it, but any reputation earned from other sources since 0 UTC is discounted from the pool - therefore players planning a busy day can maximize their reputation-earning potential by starting with the adventures (for slackier schedules it doesn't matter where the reputation comes from).

A single survivor adventure gives 15 Reputation.png reputation and 5 Survivor marks survivor marks  to each character that acted, and, depending on conduct of the entire adventuring team - an elective 20 reputation as a reward option. This option only gets offered to teams in which neither of the staying characters idled for too long or refrained from killing the infected, especially near the end. If the player is still eligible for more reputation but doesn't get offered the elective because of team conduct, the reputation remains in his pool to be picked up with subsequent runs.

Each team member gets offered the same rewards, unless:

  • they don't do anything: they don't get offered the second installment.
  • they relog late in the adventure and it ends before they can act: they don't get offered the second installment (working the character for half a minute or so and especially killing something remedies this).
  • they have exhausted their pool of the daily adventure earnings: they get offered a substitute elective prize (survivor marks, resources, experience)

It also follows that that the daily pool provides for 3 successful (15+20) survivor adventure runs, or 7 if they are all penalized (just the 15).

The pool of the aventure earnings resets at (0am UTC), and in the first hour, you need to relog for the reset to take effect, or to undertake an updating adventure which will still draw from the previous day's pool, but will open the new pool when complete.

  • On adventures there is no regular respawn of the infected (for more than 20 minutes)
  • There are no unlit firecamps on either of the adventure maps, so players keeping constant buffs need to watch their rest expenses, but it's not very difficult.
  • If during an adventure run all characters relog at the same time, the tasklist jams and the adventure has to be aborted.
  • On the Terminal adventure, when the fireman miniboss is already present, each successful relog spawns a new fireman miniboss - and all except the last one (which disappears) can be killed for experience points, but the adventure can also be successfully finished after killing just one. The firemen are very conveniently blinded with the combo attack from board games or an Old John's shovel (or, less effectively, with fountain pens or computer displays, a few of which are available in the bay to the south).
  • On the "Purge the filth" adventure you don't actually need to "clear the farm from the infected", but you need to cross the doorsteps near the corpse and the walkie-talkie. Jamie can be talked to from both sides of the fence. The farm map seems the most crash-prone venue of the game, so if you have that problem, consider relogging about halfway through (so that you have enough time to regain merit on the one hand and so that the game doesn't crash when you're returning to Lakeview, which would cancel your elective prizes, on the other)
  • Especially during the "Escape Plan" adventure near Lynn, you have to be mindful of the fact that flammability (the automatic attack from the jerrycan - the survivor gear piece) can currently affect NPCs and it is then set on fire using any electricity or fire output, potentially killing the characters and making the adventures incompletable until they, if ever, revive. Fight the thug miniboss far enough from Lynn and use kicks or other means of projection if needed.
  • If you get knocked out on an aventure with nobody around to revive you, disconnect for more than 30 minutes. After that time your involvement in the adventure will expire and your knocked-out character will be ferried over to Lakeview where somebody should give it a hand when you log on again.
  • If the adventure gets completed while you're knocked out but logged on, when you use the "Return to Lakeview" button you will be brought directly home to a revived state - and will keep your survivor gear and adventure earnings.


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The "John Crook" Farm map is an adventure zone.

Adventure - Purge the Filth[]

  • Talk to Jamal Ismail.
  • Talk to Karl Lenchen.
  • Kill all the infected on the road.
  • Talk to Jimmy.
  • Kill all the infected in the residential area.
  • Talk to Jimmy.
  • Continue towards the farm and walk through the door. to the house. (Triggers the next step).
  • Examine the corpse.
  • Continue upwards to the next house before the farm and through the second doorway. (Triggers the next step).
  • Examine the walkie talkie.
  • Continue northeast until you see a house.
  • Go into the house and into the lounge.
  • Listen to the conversation, then talk to Stuart.
  • Kill Stuart.
  • Talk to Mei Lee.png Mei Lee and Sekou Iwume.png Sekou Iwume.


Adventure purge map.png

The Scavenger's training area map is an adventure zone.

Adventure - Escape Plan[]

  • Talk to Henry Collins.png Henry Collins.
  • Talk to Lynn Durand.
  • Find four scavengers. One is on the stadium area, another one is on a western shop, another one is on a cabin south of the shop, and the last one is on a sneaky passage past the brick walled path in the forest.
  • Talk to Henry Collins.png Henry Collins.
  • Kill all infected on the stadium.
  • Kill all infected on the street.
  • Talk to Henry Collins.png Henry Collins.
  • Go southwest past the starting building, and up to the cafe.
  • Kill the raid boss.
  • Talk to Lynn Durand.
  • Go back and talk to Henry Collins.png Henry Collins.
  • Kill 40 infected in the surrounding area.
  • Return to the spawn and talk to Henry Collins.png Henry Collins.


Adventure escape map.png

The Placerville's railway station map is an adventure zone.

Adventure - The Terminal[]

  • Examine the walkie talkie left of you. Listen to Sekou Iwume's instructions.
  • Kill 170 infected throughout the entire area.
  • Go rightwards down the road and into the car-park. (compass should point northwest).
  • Head into the building and follow it through to the platform.
  • Kill all the infected on the train platform.
  • Kill the firefighter boss (Hint: Lead the boss into the oil puddles then use the many gas canisters around to set it on fire. (Don't step on the oil puddles).
  • Go northeast and click on the train.


Adventure terminal map.png